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Pink Sapphire and Carnelian Earrings

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These just remind me of the first time I was introduced to rainbow sherbet, as a child. That box opening up to a swirl of edible pastels was killer, and then knowing that I could EAT a rainbow was just *the best thing*.

These earrings also make me think of all the weekday summer mornings I’d return home after early morning swim team practice, excited to watch The Price Is Right. That set was hip as hell, all plum and tangerine and magenta, and I loved the color combos and the dream of vacationing in Hawaii.

So while these are pieces most fledgling metalsmiths could whip up, they’re fun for me and remind me of summer and ice cream.

That’s enough.

2.5” total length, 6g each. Sterling and fine silver settings with 14K yellow gold ear wires.


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