Intaglio Medicine Wheel Shield Pendant

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I debated whether or not to post this one, because I’m not an expert in Native American symbolism, nor is that something I usually feature in my work.

But this intaglio was a gift from artist Jack Williamson to me, after he and his wife, Anne, saw some of what I was doing with his feather intaglios. Now, if someone gives you a gift…

And *especially* when the giver of the gift has a ranch of ghost horses…

My thinking is that this medicine shield was created by Jack for someone out there, so who am I to prevent it making its way to its destination?

Not to mention that the shields historically “reflected the personal vision and ‘medicine’ or spirit-guided inherent power of Native American warriors.” This particular shield featured a symbol of the four directions of the medicine wheel.

Like most of my other work, then, this fits as a talisman for its wearer, whoever they may be. ✌️

Pendant is an intaglio on a lilac/blue antique German glass, about 1 3/4” in length, and the twisting bail is of 14K yellow gold. 18” cable chain and hand-forged hook closure.


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