Tourmaline and Diamond Earrings

$1,195.00 USD

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Super transparent blue-green tourmaline slices are  rimmed with the slimmest tinge of ‘watermelon’. I’ve set them in hand-milled 14K yellow gold hand built settings with three styles of prongs: one claw, one paddle, and one bead.

The color is very much chameleon-like, in that the grace tee tone vascillates between a warm, safety green and a soft grey-blue-green. I’ve done my best to photograph in different light to give you a sense, but also please check the video in my IG post, as it has no edits other than cropping.

At the top are two 0.08 Ct. lab-created F color, VS clarity diamonds in a gold bezels.

*Lab-created diamonds are molecularly identical to earth-mined diamonds, but do not have as devastating of an environmental or social impact as mining. This is not a simulant, but is a natural diamond.



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