Aquaprase Earrings

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This relatively recently discovered gem, Aquaprase, took hold of me one day in Tucson. I fell deeply in love with its transparency and wild, luscious color - unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

They’re very rare, and therefore valuable, which means that the gems are more similarly priced to tourmaline than to fossilized coral or turquoise. I don’t mark up my gems at the same rate as other materials like metals or my time, so you’ll notice that my work has prices that range from the low $200s up to over $1000. I mark things this way to keep items accessible while ensuring that my costs are covered.

These are large, over 50 carats for the pair, but because of the way I’ve set them in Sterling silver with 14K yellow gold prongs, they only weigh 7.5g each, and sway from 14K yellow gold tubing and ear wire. 2 1/4” total length, and sexy as hell.


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