Petal Earrings

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I bought these carved petals in Tucson back in February, but they weren’t drilled, so I waited and waited to risk doing that myself.

It turns out that even someone with my heightened level of impatience can drill holes in gems - each gem took ten minutes to get through, and since I have five in all, that’s damn near an hour I’ll never get back.

The gem is guava quartz, and I ran out of sheet metal, so will have another pink guava quartz available later this week. They’ll just ship a few days later.

I’ve made some petals of my own out of Sterling silver sheet and fused some 23.5K yellow gold foil over the bottom.

14K yellow gold 19g hoops hold the petals, and you can customize to wear a couple of different ways, as all of the petals can be removed.

Without gems are 2” total length; with guava quartz are 2 1/4” total length.


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