Charmholder Necklace

$90.00 USD

2.1mm cable chain holds a front-facing S-hook clasp that has been designed to also hold your favorite charms.

Options available in mixed metals of 14K yellow gold with Sterling silver chain, or in all Sterling silver.

Made to order; please allow one week from date of order to shipping date.

(Charms not included).



- Did I design this and do I make them myself? Yes and Yes.

- Do charms fall off? This is not your Go-To necklace for trampolines, but no - gravity aids in the charms’ staying on. That, and the design has the ring connecting to the chain and the bead of the charm part of the S-hook close together for a reason.

- Can any charm go on this holder? No.

The bail/ring on charms varies widely, so if it’s too thick a bail/ring, it can cause your charmholder to get out of round, especially in silver. This should be obvious as you try to load on your charms - if it’s hard to get it on, it probably shouldn’t go on...

Also, if the bail is super thin, it’s not going to be as secure. The space allotted for insertion is best-suited to standard bails, which are generally made of 17-20 gauge wire. You’ll know as you test it which charms are the best ones for this charmholder!


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